Age Calculator App

By | November 3, 2020

Age Calculator App

Is it hard to ascertain your definite age in years, months and days from date of birth? Utilize this astounding age mini-computer application to ascertain your precise age in years, months and days and even seconds utilizing your date of birth.

With the Edge number cruncher you can likewise ascertain the leftover days of your next impending birthday or a commemoration. The application additionally goes about as a date and time distinction adding machine. Ascertain the contrast among minutes and seconds from two dates and times.

Now and again it is anything but difficult to locate the genuine age and days between two dates.

This is an extremely simple age adding machine to figure your real age and discover the days between two dates.


  • Figure your right age in years, months and days
  • You can discover how many months and days are left for your next birthday.
  • Offer your age with your companions, family and so on
  • Numerous Date Format.
  • Compute how long you spend on Earth in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Ascertain your age on different planets in our nearby planetary group.

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  • Add part
  • Think about age among you and your companions, family, sibling, sister and so on
  • Add and deduct days from the date and get another date.

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