Alert before using wife’s ATM card

By | November 5, 2020

Alert before using wife’s ATM card

Be careful if you give your ATM card to a relative or friend to withdraw money. This can be overwhelming. SBI, the country’s largest state-run bank, said that debit cards are non-transferable and should not be given to any family member for use. Even a husband cannot use his wife’s ATM card. Any person doing so would be against the security rules.

Be careful before using ATM card
Let us know that if you want to avoid future losses, use an ATM or debit card with caution.
Do not share ATM PIN with anyone. Also, do not disclose card and account details to anyone. You have been told some rules about ATM cards, let us tell you about these rules

What can’t

  • Never write your PIN number on the card.
  • Do not seek help from strangers in ATM transactions or give cards for any other transactions.
  • Do not reveal your ATM PIN to anyone. Do not inform the bank employees and family members about this.
  • Keep a close watch on the card during payment and do not close your eyes.
  • Avoid talking on mobile phone during the transaction.

Always take these precautions

  • Have complete confidentiality during ATM transactions. Make sure no one is looking at you while entering the PIN number in the ATM machine.
  • After the transaction, check that the welcome screen has arrived in the machine. Do not leave the machine before that.
  • Confirm that your current mobile number is link with your bank account.
  • This will alert you on all transactions of the bank.
  • Do not forget to withdraw your card from any merchant after purchase.
  • If there is any additional device in the ATM, then keep an eye on it.
  • Immediately report the lost or stolen ATM card to the bank.
  • Check transaction alerts and bank statements regularly from the bank.
  • If the cash does not come out of the ATM and the money is deducted, inform the bank immediately.
  • Check SMS on mobile immediately after making any transaction.

This is how to block ATM card at home

  • Block card by call and app
  • If you want to block SBI Debit / ATM card through customer call, call this toll free number 1800-11-22-11, 1800-425-3800 or 080-080-26599990. The customer must follow the instructions on the call. In addition, the customer can block the card using the SBI Quick App.
  • This is a way to block an SMS card
  • Also, to block the card via SMS, send ‘block last 4 digits of your card’ to 567676. For example- if the last 4 digits of your ATM are 6764, then you have to send the block 6764 in the message and send this message to 567676.
  • SMS from a registered mobile number
  • Suppose the number you are texting with must be registered with the bank. When your blocked request is accepted from the bank, a message will be sent to your registered number, including the date and time of your blocking.

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