Download The Marksheet By Scanning The QR Code

By | December 12, 2020

Download The Marksheet By Scanning The QR Code

Saurashtra University, the first in the state, has added a QR code to the marksheet given to students. Which will allow for job verification from any corner of the world. Not only that, scanning the QR code will show all the marksheets of the student and can also be downloaded. This is the first time such an operation has been carried out by a university in the state. Students no longer have to rush to offices for verification. Saurashtra University has added QR code in the marksheet itself. Now scan the QR code and download all the marksheets. 

Students’ credentials will now be saved digitally and students enrolling in other universities will be able to undergo online verification. The marksheet of Saurashtra University is the only one in the state in which the student’s color photo, laminated marksheet and marksheet with QR code are being given.

Currently all the marksheets after the year 2019 will be available online. Then another year’s marksheet can be obtained. The Chancellor of Saurashtra University, Dr. Nitin Pethani said that if the students added to the QR code marksheet go for a job in any corner of the world, they will not have to push for verification.

Online verification will be done. At the same time, online verification will be done at the time of admission in other universities. Not only this, by scanning the QR code of the student’s marksheet, all the marksheets can be seen and downloaded. More than 600 educational institutions across the country have enrolled students in NAD for digital academic credentials. 

Saurashtra University has also made the marksheets and degree certificates of students digitally available so that online verification can be done by visiting the NAD website. Also read: Taiwanese gooseberry seedlings become golden egg-laying seedlings for Kutchi farmers.

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