Information about PAN card validity

By | January 23, 2021

Information about PAN card validity

PAN Card is one of the important government documents. PAN Card is used for banking operations and filing income tax returns. In addition, there are many other jobs for which PAN Card is required.

Different codes and numbers are registered in PAN Card.

The PAN Card also has a 10 digit alphanumeric number. Alphanumeric numbers begin with the English alphabet.  The card is registered in this capital. In addition, the PAN Card also has the user’s signature. In addition, photo and address are also registered.

How long is your PAN Card valid?

There are many questions in the minds of most people regarding PAN Card, one of which is the validity of PAN Card. Under the Income Tax Act of the Government of India, once a PAN Card is issued, it is valid for life.  There is no need for any user to worry about its expiration or validity.

As per the rules, PAN Card cannot be changed but the details registered in PAN Card can be updated. At the same time a person can hold only one PAN Card. If a person has two PAN cards, there is a penalty of Rs 10,000. At the same time a PAN Card will be canceled.

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