Keep statuses longer than 30 seconds in Whatsapp

By | November 4, 2020

Keep statuses longer than 30 seconds in Whatsapp

The most effective method to send enormous recordings in WhatsApp, Status Saver and transfer full video in MP3 Converter 3 i1 application.

Full application video status and status saver – download its 3 out of 1 program.

  1. Set up a long video with sending a major video in WhatsApp (split the entire video in 30-30 seconds and set all the pieces of sending a major video in video tsp with a single tick)
  2. Save and offer status
  3. Convert video arrangement to MP3 and set as ringtone.

Download recordings, photographs and presents for WhatsApp account. Huge numbers of your WhatsApp companions build up great status yet WhatsApp doesn’t make a move to secure it. Yet, the WFVS application permits you to download/spare to send huge recordings on WhatsApp.

This application gives another extraordinary capacity this application that can set long recordings on the best way to send enormous recordings to your record in WhatsApp. Your long video stories are wonderful in 30 seconds and send all the updates on sending large recordings to your video which makes it intriguing.

You can set any long video for your portable, with a single tick and how to send huge recordings in WhatsApp. It is uncommon for this application. You presently don’t have to get a 30 second video. You can set your main tune or full video to send a major video to your WhatsApp.

Full video status wfvs application, how to deal with whatsapp

  • Status Set full video mode
  • Snap the play button – you will see the video put away on your cell phone.
  • Snap on the chose video, the video will play
  • Snap the offer catch.
  • Will you have the option to share the video on WhatsApp.

The most astounding condition is that the video will naturally part in 30 seconds and the entire video will be set as an approach to send a huge video to your video. Amazing! Nice.

You can spare to send bigger recordings to the applications set by your WhatsApp companions.

You can share it on your cell phone as an approach to send huge recordings to WhatsApp and capacity.

For your area, your companions’ status is partitioned into two classes.

(1) Video

  • From here you can watch and spare recordings of your WhatsApp companion status. You can likewise set it as your status.

(2) Picture

  • From here, you can see photographs set by your companions and spare how to send huge recordings on WhatsApp. You can share it.

Converter sound Dio converter

  • View all rundown Convert video status to mp3.

  • You can share and erase as a telephone ringtone.
  • See all recordings and photographs downloaded here
  • You can share, set it as WhatsApp status and erase it.

Presently you can run 1 of every 1 Android application.

  1. Set the full video in WhatsApp mode.
  2. Statistician/Status Collection 2020
  3. Convert your number one video organization to MP3 and set it as a portable ringtone.

Companions, this application has been made for you after much exploration and persistent endeavors. So I trust you and your companions will utilize this application and make WhatsApp tps more fun.


  1. WFVS application to make the best WhatsApp experience. This application isn’t subsidiary with WhatsApp or WhatsApp business in any capacity. WhatsApp is a brand name of WhatsApp Inc. No brand name encroachment is proposed
  2. Contentgaveby the WFVS application is taken from the client’s very own assortment and the WFVS application won’t be answerable for the substance type
  3. The WFVS application doesn’t give any sort of on the web, disconnected or disconnected flight content for download. Content gave by the application is taken from the client’s very own assortment. Application (1) review of recordings and photographs, (2) shroud recordings and client photographs, (3) split (video cut).
  4. This is a restart application.


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