New feature added to WhatsApp

By | January 30, 2021

New feature added to WhatsApp

WhatsApp New feature

Signal app has unveiled a new feature for WhatsApp group feature amidst tough competition. A statement issued by the company said that its users will now be given more convenience than before. This newly updated WhatsApp incarnation features group descriptions, new controls and more rights to the WhatsApp admin.

New rights to group admin

WhatsApp’s new feature may include group creation descriptions.

Also, other members can also be approved. Apart from this some members or all members can also be stopped from giving descriptions. The group administrator will now have the right to change the group’s subject and icon and who can not. Under the new system, group administrators can now be removed from admin permissions granted to others.

The advantage of ‘group cap up’

Whatapp users will now get a mansion feature, named Group Cap Up. The advantage of this is that in this, the user can see all the messages in which they have been mentioned. For this, users just need to tap @ button which will be found at the bottom right of the chat box.

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