News Of Relief From Driving License

By | May 16, 2021

News Of Relief From Driving License

The whole country is currently fighting against the Corona epidemic. It is forbidden to leave the house, as there are lockdowns in some places and curfew in others. In such a situation, if you have to work with a driving license, registration certificate (RC), then there may be a problem, because for that you have to go to the RTO. But don’t panic, you don’t have to go to the RTO for a driving license work.

Government’s new guideline on DL, RC

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has come up with a new guideline for the creation and renewal of driving licenses.

According to the new rules, the entire process of getting a Learner’s license will be online. This means that the entire process, from the application to the printing of the license, will be online. In addition, electronic certificates and documents can be used for medical certificates, learner’s licenses, driving license surrenders and their renewals.

Also facility for RC renewal

It is important to note that the purpose behind bringing the guideline is to simplify the registration process for a new vehicle. Renewal of Registration Certificate (RC) can now be done 60 days in advance, apart from this the time limit for temporary registration has also been increased from 1 month to 6 months.

No need to go to RTO for driving test

At the same time, the government has made some changes in the process for Learner’s License. According to him, you do not need to go to RTO for driving test, this work can be done online from home through tutorials. This step is a great relief in times of Corona epidemic.

DL, RC recognition has been increased

At the end of March, the Ministry of Roads and Transport, in view of the growing Corona crisis, extended the validity of motor vehicle documents such as driving licenses, registration certificates, fitness certificates, permits, etc. to 30 June 2021.

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The ministry said in a circular that the evidence, which expired on February 1, 2020, would be validated by June 30, 2021, given the deteriorating condition of the corona across the country.

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