No Interviews For Government Jobs

By | October 12, 2020

No Interviews For Government Jobs



The focal government has settled on a significant choice to lead interviews in government occupations. Meetings for government occupations will never again be directed in 23 states and 8 association regions of the nation. Association Minister Jitendra Singh has given this data.
He said that PM Modi had talked about eliminating interviews from tests in Lalkilla in 2015 and giving positions just based on composed tests.

Seats for government businesses in 23 of the country’s 28 states and 8 union territories including Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have now been rejected.  Association Minister Jitendra Singh said that the seat structure for Group B and Group C posts in the Central Government has been canceled since 2016.

Was chosen to get the immediate enrollment cycle

In a declaration, he said that it is valuable to comprehend the empty seats to plan for genuine tests to accomplish the enrollment cycle. Beforehand, it was frequently underscored that future workforce conferences were planned and enormous money installments were made.

Gatherings in Group B and C have been shut since 2016

It might be noticed that the seat structure for Group B and Group C posts was dismissed in Gujarat in 2016 with Gujarat and Maharashtra tolerating the standard early, while different states to execute it at the soonest Were hesitant. Notably, the momentum arrangement of not coordinating seats in 23 states and 8 association domains has been received.



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