Photo Editor Application

By | October 13, 2020

Photo Editor Application

In the event that you have little information about photography, you can do a ton with a photograph editorial manager. Utilize the photograph editorial manager to change photographs as of now in your phone simply like you would on a PC.



  • Exposure, magnificence, contrast, submersion, temperature, shading and tone.

Band and level

  • discretionary concealing.


  • Gamma Adjustment, Auto Toast Contrast, Auto Toe Tone, Vibrances, BSecure, Hone, Oil Paint, Sketch, Deep and White High Difference, Sepia, and this is only the start.

  • Counting text, picture or shape, outline, denois, drawing, pixel, clone, removed, turn, swagger, crop, resize.


  • Perspective, point of convergence, red eye, white equalizer and foundation lights are effectively changed by contact and spare photographs to JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and PDF with zoom-interface.

  • View, change, or erase metabata (EXF, IPTC, XMP).

Email, SNS and more Bache chess, crop (puzzle) as a foundation or on your SD card, pack with zip, make PDF, share your end result with vivified GIF, site page catch, video catch, pdf catch.

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