SKEDit Scheduling App For WhatsApp

By | February 10, 2021

SKEDit Scheduling App For WhatsApp

SKEDit is a free and simple to-utilize booking application that allows you to plan WhatsApp messages, plan SMS, send messages later, plan posts, and set call updates. This first class Android planning application acts like your own remote helper. Put your correspondence on autopilot with SKEDit, the free 5-in-1 WhatsApp scheduler, SMS scheduler, Call scheduler, and Email scheduler.


  • Some administrations are not viable with all gadgets (particularly more established ones with more seasoned OS), and require exacting prerequisites for their robotization to work appropriately (e.g eliminating screen lock-more subtleties in assistance community), as the actual help doesn’t give any computerization capacities (thus the “full scale” workaround). Much obliged to you for your agreement.

Save Time

  • Schedule WhatsApp messages, SMS, and messages to be sent later consequently. Save innumerable hours lost in monotonous to and fro informing every day.

Eliminate Stress

  • Streamline all your correspondence so it runs easily. Serenely breeze during your time not agonizing over sending message updates or a minute ago calls.

Stay Organized

  • Structure, plan and plan all your correspondence down perfectly. No more suffocating in an expanse of unwanted calls, messages, and messages.

Boost Productivity

  • All your correspondence needs are dealt with. Tackle your first concerns with laser-like concentration with a completely free WhatsApp, post, and SMS scheduler.

Automate Your Communication

  • Swift, robotized correspondence makes everything become alright as expected. Unwind as you sail as the day progressed, having just arranged it yesterday.

Set Reminders

  • Schedule WhatsApp messages, programmed messages, and call suggestions to be shipped off yourself. Appreciate easily remaining in-a state of harmony with your arrangements through the force of mechanized updates.

How It Works – 4 Ezasy Steps

  1. Quickly Register : Simply fill in contact information, or utilize the One-Touch Facebook register, for a fast download and introduce.
  2. Choose Communication Service : Select specialized technique you’d prefer to robotize: Call, SMS, Email, WhatsApp
  3. Write Content : Jot down your message or substance you’d prefer to have naturally sent
  4. Schedule Date and Time : Set the specific time and date for your message, substance, or call. Sit back and unwind while SKEDit handles the rest

Amazing Scheduling App That Allows You To Control Your Tomorrows, Today

SKEDit consolidates human force with the exactness of AI computerization, to make your future life more straightforward, simpler and tranquil. This clever small booking application has a place in your best stuff in case you’re/you’re a

  • Person who needs assistance recalling birthday events/exceptional occasions of friends and family
  • EG : plan WhatsApp messages or timetable SMS to be sent later at the best time
  • Busy with different exercises yet need to convey
  • EG : plan programmed messages to be sent when you realize you’ll be trapped in long gatherings
  • Always expecting to remind others
  • EG : plan Whatsapp messages utilizing the Whatsapp scheduler to help your family to remember significant meet-ups, to-finish tasks, or set call suggestions to keep in contact.
  • Blogger utilizing various correspondence channels with fans
  • EG : plan posts or timetable messages so they show up regularly at similar occasions
  • Businessman voyaging a wide range of time regions
  • EG : plan WhatsApp messages or programmed messages out to your group before you travel
  • Always driving and needing to dodge messaging/calling, yet at the same time expecting to impar.
  • EG : plan SMS utilizing the SMS scheduler for when you realize you’ll be driving so you’re not continually looking at your telephone and placing yourself in peril out and about

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