Students will be examined from WhatsApp

By | January 21, 2021

Students will be examined from WhatsApp

WhatsApp will be used in the weekly test starting from January 23. Students will have to register on WhatsApp to take the exam. It is worth mentioning that the education department is now making full use of technology.

WhatsApp will be used in the weekly test

Gujarat State Education Department has announced WhatsApp number.

The number is 8595524523, this number has to be saved by the students, after saving write HELLO on this number and get a quick reply. Students will then have to write and send their school’s U-Dice code. Immediately after the completion of this process, a reply or message will be sent to you immediately, mentioning all the details of the school. After this the student has to give accurate and clear information about the standard in which he is studying.

Gujarat State Education Department released WhatsApp number

Then the name of the student will be verified i.e. a reply will be received that he has been registered. After completing all these procedures, the student will be able to take the exam on WhatsApp. In which an arrangement has been made that any student will have answered 10 questions, and as soon as the answers are completed, the answer to all these 10 questions will come immediately. In which a file of correct answer will also be sent to the examinee.

A file of correct answer will also be sent to the examinee

On the other hand, a link will also be sent to all the questions which are not answered correctly. State schools have reopened after an estimated 9-month hiatus. There was also a brainstorming about how the exam would be conducted. The state education department has since made this important decision.

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