The bank changed the rule

By | October 29, 2020

The bank changed the rule

Currently, there are many banking facilities that are used by almost every customer and for this money is taken from the customers. But very few people know about it. Up to SMS facility, minimum balance, use of ATM and check, but the bank takes money from you. But from now on customers will have to pay a fee to deposit and withdraw their money in banks.

Bank of Baroda started

Bank of Baroda has also started this.

The decision will be taken soon by Bank of India, PNB, Axis and Central Bank. From next month, i.e. from November 2020, customers will have to pay a separate fee for banking beyond the limit.

It may be noted that Bank of Baroda has fixed different fees for depositing and withdrawing money from current account, cash credit limit and overdraft account as well as for depositing and withdrawing from savings account. From next month, if a customer withdraws money for a loan account even after three times a month, he will have to pay Rs 150.

As for savings accounts, such account holders will be able to deposit money three times, but if customers deposit money for the fourth time, they will have to pay Rs 40. Not only that, the banks have not given any relief to the senior citizens. Holders of Jan Dhan account got some relief in this. They will not have to pay any fee on deposit, but will have to pay Rs 100 on withdrawal.

What will be the fee for CC, current and overdraft account

This facility will be free if CC, current and overdraft account holders have deposited up to Rs one lakh per day. But if you deposit more than this, the banks will take money from you.

Such account holders will have to pay one thousand rupees for depositing more than one lakh. The minimum and maximum limits for this are Rs.50 and Rs.20,000 respectively.

If you can withdraw money from CC, current and overdraft accounts three times a month, no fee will be charged from customers.

  • For the fourth withdrawal, a fee of Rs 150 will be charged for each withdrawal.

  • The fee will be the same for savings account holders

  • Deposits up to three times will be free for savings account holders.

  • However, for the fourth time, account holders will have to pay Rs 40 each time the deposit is made.

Speaking of withdrawals, customers will not be charged for withdrawing money from the account three times per month.

But for the fourth time customers will have to pay Rs 100 each time.

Banks also charge folio charges

In the name of folio charges, banks make big money. Banks charge Rs 200 per page for leisure folio. Laser folio is taken on any type of loan on CC or OD.

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