The government issued a warning

By | November 28, 2020

The government issued a warning

Corona is currently going through a difficult period, with cases of banking fraud on the rise in the country.  The big reason for this is that the use of internet and WhatsApp is increasing.  As it happens, a large number of people are doing office work from home because of Corona.  In such a situation people are also forced to use the internet and WhatsApp more.  And this is why cybercriminals are taking advantage and committing fraud.

A message is currently circulating on WhatsApp.  In which a link is being provided to get Corona epidemic relief funds.  If you get any such message, be careful.  Because if you click on this link all your details will reach the cyber criminals and anyone will take advantage of it and be deceived.

This is how cyber criminals send messages

A warning issued by the government said cybercriminals were sending large numbers of messages on WhatsApp.  In which cyber criminals talk about Corona epidemic relief fund from the government and share a link in their message.  The user is asked to click on the link provided in this message and fill in the required details.  If you fall into the trap of cybercriminals by mistake, the concepts are washed away.  You can be a victim of cyber fraud at any time.

The government issued a warning

An information has been shared by the government on the Twitter handle of the PIB fact check.  Any such message in this tweet is said to be completely fake-fake-rumor.  The government has said that no such relief fund has been released for Kovid-19.  Users have a special need to be careful.  The tweet clarified that even if this message comes to someone by mistake, don’t forward it.  Apart from this it is advisable not to click on any such link.  The government has warned that such messages could hack your phone.  Stealing your data can empty a bank account

It is said that each person earns Rs.  1.30 lakh will be given – In a fake message from cyber criminals, Rs 1.30 lakh is being given to all citizens in the form of Covid-19 fund by the Central Government.  The fake message states that citizens above the age of 18 receive funding.  Let me tell you that due to lack of information, many users share their details on the given link and fall prey to cyber fraud.


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