Truecaller Calling Feature

By | December 10, 2020

Truecaller Calling Feature

Today people are busy with their work all day long.  Many useless calls have to be picked up even though there is no time, the numbers of which are not saved in the phone.  This number can be identified through an application called ‘True Caller’.  True Caller gives us the information of any caller.

Usually we do not pick up the call from the company during the day and also cut off the required number by understanding the call of the company.  But calls from the company can be useful to people but we do not pick up the useless number.  The company calls if the customer is about to run out of recharge, inform the customer of a special offer or upgrade the card.

The company is bringing a new feature called True Caller to overcome this problem.

What will be the new feature of True Caller app?

A new feature will soon be added to the app through the True Caller app which will explain why the call came from the company.

This feature will be very useful for Gbanco, cab aggregators, delivery companies as well as companies like Umber, Ola and Flipkart.  When the customer is called, he will be able to know whether the number is verified or not. He will also be able to avail the benefits from the company through this feature.


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