Want to add the name of the family member in the ration card?

By | October 20, 2020

Want to add the name of the family member in the ration card?

Ration card is a very important document for people living below the poverty line. Especially at a time when the central government is distributing food grains through this card on a large scale due to the lockout. So that no poor are hungry. In addition, many government programs require a share card.

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  • Enter household name on assignment card
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In such cases, it is necessary to keep important documents up to date so that government programs can be accessed. Recently, the federal government announced the launch of One Country Allocation Card. After its launch, anyone with a share card will be able to acquire shares in any state. So today we will tell you how to renew the name of a family member if you have been removed from the assignment card while at home. Rating cards can be updated online or offline.

What documents will be required?

If you want to enter the child’s name on this card, the head of the household must have a rating card. You must have one copy and one original copy. Apart from this, the child should also have a birth certificate and an Aadhaar card.

If the bride’s name is to be included in the post-wedding gift card, then at this time you will need her Aadhaar card, marriage certificate, husband’s share card copy and original copy. There should also be a certificate to remove the name from the assignment card at the parents’ home.

Ration card update online at home

To update any information about the allotment card, one should visit the official website of the concerned State Food Supply Department. First you need to create a login GIN ID for this website.

After logging in, the option to add a new member name will appear on the homepage of this website. After clicking on it, a new form will open.

On this form you will have to fill the complete details of the new family members.

Along with this form in the next step, you will also have to upload scanned copies of all the above mentioned documents. After this the form has to be submitted.

After submitting the form you will get a registration number which you enter on this website and track the form.

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This form and document will be verified by the officer. If all the information provided is correct, the form will be accepted and the assignment card will be mailed to your address.

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