Your Old Messages On Whatsapp Will Be Deleted

By | January 13, 2021

Your Old Messages On Whatsapp Will Be Deleted

The popular messaging app WhatsApp offers people new features for its users from time to time. Using it makes your job easier.  For that you need to turn on this feature.

Millions of people chat on WhatsApp every day and send photos, videos, documents and emojis to each other. If you chat for a long time on WhatsApp, the space of the phone decreases. As well as after a certain time the memory blossoms. If you are experiencing this type of problem, come and let us know about this feature of WhatsApp

This feature of WhatsApp is important. This feature of WhatsApp is called Disappearing Message. If you turn this feature on, your seven day old chat will disappear

You can utilize this component according to your prerequisite. You can also disrupt a chat with a special person. Only admins can turn this feature on or off in the group.

Here’s how to use this feature.

  1. First open your WhatsApp
  2. Go to the contact with the person you want to use the feature with
  3. After opening the chat of this contact, click or tap the option with its details or at the to
  4. After this you will be shown several options on the number. 
  5. This feature can be activated by tapping on the Disappear Message option. 
  6. When you click and tap, you will see the option to turn it off. 
  7. If you do not like this feature, you can turn this feature off.

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